Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Dogs of the Month; Kayzer & Peso

About Kayzer and Peso:

Kayzer and Peso are such a silly pair! Kayzer is a year and a half old German Shepherd who is “wild” and “crazy.” Peso was a rescued pooch. His family thinks he was born in about 1999, which would make him around 11 years old! Peso still thinks he is a young guy though and Kayzer has revived his youthfulness! Peso is a small breed terrier mix. Since Kayzer is such a crazy girl, she comes regularly to daycare to help her burn off all that puppy energy. She loves to play with all of her doggie friends and is such a doll with her people friends here at daycare. She is so sweet and is always full of kisses for everyone. Peso usually stays home and takes naps during daycare visits, but we still get to see him when he comes for sleepovers. We all could see the way Kayzer grew on Peso as his family had her longer. At first they would sleep in separate bedrooms, but now Peso always wants to be with Kayzer (even if it’s right in the middle of the craziest puppy playing!).

Peso has a special “squirrel” that is his favorite toy at home. Kayzer is much less specific and will enjoy any toy that squeaks. Kayzer loves it when her family treats her to her favorite thing to eat, a rawhide! Mmm. Peso prefers “Lick-N-Crunch” treats. Kayzer and Peso both have very silly tricks. Kayzer’s specialty is “be shy” and “stick em’ up.” Peso will “say please” for anything you ask him too. Peso really hates having his face blown in, and Kayzer definitely doesn’t like when the doorbell rings. Kayzer was just a little girl when she went home to her new family. She was so happy to meet everyone, especially Peso. Kayzer was so excited to meet her new brother that she was a little over boisterous. She had to be separated from him for a little while so she could calm down and not trample poor Peso. Peso was not as impressed with his new sister, but he has grown to love her. Since Peso was a rescue, he was a little older when he came to live with his family. When Peso first came home from the adoption at the mall he ran strait into the sliding glass door! He was so excited to finally have a family and a real bed to sleep in.Although Peso still likes beds, he has now decided the best place to sleep is in his Mom or Dad’s lap! Silly Peso.

Everyone here at Ruffledale has really enjoyed getting to know Kayzer and Peso. Kayzer is gone for some doggie boot camp training right now so we will all miss her for the next couple of weeks. But thankfully we will get to see Peso for a sleep over soon! Kayzer will be home in time for Christmas so her and Peso will get to be together for the holdidays. They are both such sweet hearts. We all have loved watching the way they’ve grown. Kayzer will melt if you scratch her tummy and she has made lots of friends through tummy rubs. Peso is happy if you just pet his face and ears. Much love to our lovable pair!

Kayzer's big day. Training graduation with her Proud Parents!

Peso is the little man of the house.

Kayzer loving the snow!

Peso, the smallest snow dog ever!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Dog of the Month; Lucy

About Lucy:

Lucy is a very sweet mixed breed pup. Her families best guess about her breeds are; a little lab, shepherd and some time of hound. But really Lucy is just all of the best parts of all breeds! November is the perfect time for Lucy to be dog of the month because she is celebrating her 1 year Birthday on November 3rd!! She is all grown up and has become such a great “dog.” Lucy loves her toy “Kathy the Kitty.” She loves to squeak her while she is playing. Lucy also loves treat time! She may not be a very good dinner and breakfast eater, but treats are definitely different! Lucy’s all time favorite treats are “snausages” and “peanut butter twists.” If Lucy could just eat those for breakfast and dinner, she would be a great eater. Too bad Mom wouldn’t go for that! Since Lucy loves her treats so much, she has learned to perform lots of tricks. Some of her best tricks include “sit,” “shake,” and “lay down.” She is without a doubt a very smart puppy.

One of Lucy’s favorite ways to start the day is by waking up to her Mom gently scratching her belly. Lucy takes it slow while she wakes up so she can savor all the relaxing scratches. Lucy’s favorite breakfast is wild rice and salmon flavored. After breakfast Lucy will be ready to come play with all of her friends here at Ruffledale! They she is wild and crazy Lucy! Lucy’s family picked her out at a Petsmart adoption day. One of the reasons they loved Lucy so much is because she was out of her kennel “hugging” the volunteer and “giving kisses” on his cheeks! Lucy certainly knows how to win over hearts. Once Lucy was home, she pottied all over in her new house…..Woops!! Then Lucy found the spot under her Mom’s bed where she would take things she is not supposed to have. That spot is still Lucy’s haven for hiding things that are “off limits.” Naughty Lucy!

Lucy loves going to visit her Grandma Wilkes in Wyoming. She likes to pretend she is tough and chase around the horses. She also gets to play with all of her cousins. Seeing family is always great. Also in Wyoming Lucy gets to take hikes in the Beautiful Mountains. Lucy has been such a great Puppy for her family. She has stolen all of their hearts and it isn’t hard to see why. Lucy is such a sweet girl. Now that she is one, she will continue to be a great “dog” for her family. Lucy loves getting lots and lots of kisses from all of her family. She likes kisses from “Ruffledale girls” too! We all have loved getting to watch Lucy grow up (even though she is still the bouncy and lively pup we all love!) Happy Birthday Little Lucy!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Doggie Trunk or Treat!!

Friday October 29th 2010
From 7:00pm to 8:00 pm
Ruffledale Pet Resort's Parking Lot

Please Bring your Pup in costume for lots of treats and yummies. We hope to see all of our friends there as well as new friends. We ask that all pups are leashed for their safety. Hope to see you all there for a spook-takular night!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Dog of the Month; Buddy!

Buddy the water dog!

About Buddy:

Buddy is a sweet lab mix who always loves coming to play at daycare. Buddy is 2 years old. His family got him when he was already 6 months old so they just guessed his birthday to be May 19th of 2008. Buddy is a very silly boy. He loves to go swimming (no wonder he had so much fun at doggie swim day)! He is so gracefull in the water and is definitely a “water dog.” Buddy also loves to play Frisbee and would love to just play and play and play…. No rest required!! Although summer activities are great, Buddy also loves the snow regardless of his short fur coat. In the winter he loves it when his Mom and Dad take him snowshoeing! It is the best when it is so deep he can barely keep his head above the snow. Buddy thinks it is fun to go tumbling down all of the hills…. the crazier the better! Once he takes a good tumble down a hill then it is back up to fall down another! Crazy Buddy!

After a good long fun filled day in the snow or sun, Buddy loves to have the top of his head rubbed and scratched. Behind his ears is another spot that Buddy loves rubbed while he relaxes. But when Buddy is tired he HATES it when you touch his paws. If he is awake and active it is fine, but once he is cozy it must tickle too much! Buddy knows lots of tricks. Some of his favorites are “Roll Over” and “360˚.” Buddy will do any of these tricks and more if you spoil him with his favorite treat; Carrots (at least it is healthy ).

When Buddy came to his new home, his Mom was out of town on a work trip so it was just him and his new Dad at home. But how could Mom resist his sweet face when she came home to see him! Buddy followed his Dad all around the house for the first little while. Surprisingly when they went on their first walk, Buddy was a perfect angel! That was the final thing for Buddy to work himself into his new parents hearts. Good Boy Buddy! They knew he would be the perfect dog for them. Then Buddy got to come to daycare and make lots of new friends here! He is always so sweet and happy to be here. We all feel fortunate that we have gotten a chance to love Buddy too! Buddy is not only great with all dogs, people and kids, but he lives for the chance to get to meet everyone!

We love you Buddy!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


About Shiloh;

Shiloh is a wild and crazy Catahoula and Lab mix who comes regularly to daycare here at Ruffledale! She just turned a year old in July (her family isn’t exactly sure of the date since she was a “pound puppy”)! Shiloh is always so happy while she is here, really she is happy all the time. Shiloh has been coming to Ruffledale since she was about 7 months old. We’ve all loved watching her grow up! Shiloh loves everyone. One of her best friends is Charlie, the 140 pound great dane mix, but she also loves her “little” friends and any other dog she comes across! All dogs are greeted by Shiloh with very boistrous and happy “kisses.” Shiloh has never met a dog she doesn’t love.

When Shiloh is hangin’ out at home her favorite thing to do is run free on the family ranch. Of course, she loves to chase the chickens, horses and butterflys, and if there is a mud puddle of any kind she finds it to dig in. We also have heard a little rumor that she loves to eat chicken poop, she thinks it’s quite yummy!!

Shiloh is definitely A special pup, she has survived a lot during her first year. She was rescued by her mom from a shelter Ten hours Roundtrip from her house! She saw shiloh online and new that they would have a special bond. She drove all the way there to take her home. After making it to her new home, her mom discovered she was suffering from a severe bladder infection. Not long after, she discovered Shiloh had Parvo!! With her families love and care she survived both of these ailments. When they thought the worst had passed shiloh GOT A blockage FROM SOMETHING NAUGHTY SHE ATE. LUCKILY AFTER A LITTLE BIT OF BEING SICK SHE FINALLY PASSED THE BLOCKAGE AND AVOIDED SURGERY. then SHE HAD TO HAVE a dew claw surgery! POOR SHILOH! It was not over yet though, Shiloh thought it would be interesting to run through a barbed wire fence (bad idea,) she had to be rushed to the vet for stitches!

We all love seeing shiloh at daycare, Her happiness does reflect on us and the other pups, she brightens everyones day!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Join us at Dog-a-Pool-ooza!!!

The "dog days" of summer have come and gone.  But that doesn't mean it has to end!!.....  Actually it does.  Bring your dog for the once-a-year swim in the outdoor pool before it is closed for the season.  Sorry, owners aren't allowed in the water.  
PRICING: $5.00 per tail!!
WHERE: South Davis Recreation Center 
WHEN: September 11th, @ 10am to 2pm!!
We hope to see you all there for a fun time at the splash pad.  Our pups had a ton of fun last year and can't wait to go back.  


So our August caught us by surprise!!!  We had a wonderful, yet busy August.  It seemed to come and go so quickly.....  Unfortunately we missed our monthly dog of the month "spotlight,"  we will continue it in September, so be sure to check it out.  We will be "spotlighting" Shiloh a spunky catahoula mix.  

Also we have finally joined the crowds of people on Facebook, so be sure to catch up with us there!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

July dog of the Month; Stetson!!

Naughty Stetson with a sock!!

Baby could you not love that!

Stetson as close to Tiger as possible.

About Stetson;

Stetson is a super loveable Yellow Lab. We still think of him here at Ruffledale as a puppy, but he actually turned a year old on February 13th 2010. He’s still a puppy at heart! Stetson LOVES to play with all of his friends. He is so silly and crazy when he is with other dogs.  The only time Stetson likes to be away from his family is when he is at Ruffledale playing with his friends here or at the dog park. Other than that, he is always right with his pack at home. He doesn’t ever go far and makes sure he is always right ON their feet at home!!  Stetson thinks of his family pack as his favorite “toys” and loves his Mom, Dad, human brother Alex and his friend Crystal. Stetson loves it when Alex is home from college because he will come get him mid-day from daycare and take him on hikes and then bring him back to play more. Then he gets to do all his favorite things in one day!! Stetson thinks “Tiger” the families 15 year old Orange American Tabby should be part of his pack too, but Tiger doesn’t agree. Stetson gets as close as Tiger will allow him and is sure to thoroughly explore every spot Tiger has laid in.....Maybe someday tiger will join the world of Stetson’s friends.

Stetson has a bad little habit of eating things he is not supposed to. His favorite thing is socks, but he also likes to eat stuffed toys he has torn up, gloves, and balls out of a love-sac.  Stetson likes to eat these things, but he also likes to go around and find them to show his Mom so she can chase after him for them!  Stetson has already spent a night in the Emergecy Room because of his eating naughty things.  He had to throw up his favorite toy he ate while he was there. Now he is not allowed to have stuffed toys anymore.  Although he is sad about that, he likes his red Kong that his Mom and Dad will fill with treats too!  Stetson LOVES to eat, almost as much as he loves to play. A true lab! When his family gets his food ready he does his best tricks... “Sit” and “Stay” so he can show them what a good boy he is! Stetson can also spin and shake.  At Ruffledale he is always one of the first to eat, because he is so excited. 

Stetson came home to live with his family as a tiny puppy. His family was attached immediately. Stetson cried the whole car ride home.  It didn’t take Stetson long to settle in to his new home though.  Once he got home and found all of the new things to explore how could he be sad anymore?  Plus his new family was so great and devoted to him!  After he’d been in his new home, his family took him to puppy training class. That was great too. He loved getting through the class so he could do playtime at the end!  Stetson started coming to Ruffledale when he was just shy of 6 months old. He was so crazy on his first visits, he couldn’t even slow down enough to really play! He just ran around so happy and excited!  Now he is one of the funnest dogs here!  He loves to play with everyone and loves to be right on our feet too!  We all love our silly little Stetson!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Dog of the Month; Callie

About Callie;

Callie is a 9 month old “flashy” fawn boxer. She was born on September 09 2009. She is extra petite and looks like she is still a tiny baby. Because she is so teeny, we all think she will look like a forever puppy. But don’t let her little size fool you! Not only can she hang with the big dogs, but she is the leader of the pack here at daycare most of the time! She loves to play and makes new friends every day. She thinks that all dogs and people are here to be her buddy. Any time we have a new dog who is shy here at daycare Callie will get them to play and have a good time. Callie has been coming to daycare since she was only 4 months old. Even then she was a wild and crazy pup who thought she was 10 times her size! We’ve all loved getting to know our sweet Callie and she has quickly become a favorite of all of our employees, and other regular dogs here at daycare.

Although Callie loves all of the dogs here at daycare, one of her favorite pups is Lola. Lola is an english bulldog who is close in age to Callie. Whenever they are here together, they are inseparable. They are so silly and always happy to see each other. Callie is full of spunk and energy, but she still has a bit of boxer laziness. She loves to sleep in until at least 8 am. and then likes to continue to be lazy as long as possible. She lives by the boxer motto: “Play hard & Sleep hard!” Once Callie hears her family walking in the house with shoes on she will jump up ad beg to come play with Lola ad the other pups here at Ruffledale! Callie is a very smart girl too. “Shake” and “Lay down” are her two best and favorite tricks. Of course she would do anything for her favorite treats Hot dogs and cheese! Other things Callie loves are her glow in the dark ball to play with, and having her neck behind her ears scratched. If you get her in the right spot, you will make her kick her leg. ☺

Callie was an early Christmas present for Kaylii her human sister. She was a surprise and her Dad drove down to Salt Lake to pick her up from her litter. He walked in the door to Kaylii’s room and everyone in the family was screaming with excitement over their new little puppy! Callie was instantly a part of the family and will always know her place with them. We are all grateful here at Ruffledale that we have gotten a chance to get to know her and have gotten to watch Callie grow up. We look forward to seeing her more and love having Ruffledale be a happy place for Callie.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." -Agnes Sligh Turnbull

On April 27th 2010, we lost one of our most beloved daycare friends, Osi. Osi was a two year old boxer that attended daycare regularly. She not only warmed the hearts of all the human friends she came in contact with, she also made best-friends with over half of the dogs that attend Ruffledale. She loved every dog and never discriminated against any of them, she loved the big and small ones, the old and young ones, the skinny and chubby ones, there was not one dog that Osi didn't welcome with open paws. She would greet each dog when they came through the gate, and the ones she really liked she would kiss over and over.

Osi had a special love for life, her happy spirit was infectious and when she was at daycare she brightened our days. We would laugh sometimes after watching her play and we decided she sometimes forgot she was a boxer, she didn't have the "Know-it-all" attitude that most boxers possess. Her time here was short, but her life was filled with joy and happiness and she never had to suffer any pain from growing old.

We will miss her kisses and getting to kiss her, we will miss seeing her charge through the door to play anxiously, we will miss seeing her play with all of her best friends, we will miss seeing her trot out the door exhausted from playing and excited to go home to see her family, we all will miss her greatly.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, we know you loved Osi and will miss her. Thank you for letting us be a part of her life and we will hold her in our hearts forever.

May Dogs of the Month: Jake and Piper!!!

Sleeping in the Bathroom.
This is what happens if they miss Daycare!

About Jake and Piper;

a.k.a ”Jaker McJake” and “Pipey McPipe

Jake and Piper are two adorable but very wild puppies who come to daycare almost every day! They are a very regular staple here and we all love them to pieces. It has been great to watch these two grow up! Jake is a year old (his birthday is this month!!) lab and his little sister Piper is a 6 month old lab mix. She has not been around as long, but already the two are inseparable. Jake and Piper LOVE to play with little kids. Their Mom has 4 nieces and nephews, who adore Jake and Piper. They love to go to their Grandma and Grandpa’s house because they have a huge backyard that they can run around and be crazy in. Also, the kids are there to play with so they get lots of play time with the kids. The nieces like to play “Doggie Daycare” with Jake and Piper when they are together.

Jake and Piper could not have been more different as little puppies. Their Mom got Jake on July 17th 2009. He was very mellow for a puppy. He slept the whole first day and was and still is very laid back. Jake’s Mom decided that it would be nice for Jake to have a sister. She looked for a very long time in a lot of different places and finally decided to adopt Piper. Piper was the complete opposite of Jake when she came home on December 28th 2009. She was so wild. She ran around the house like a crazy dog until 3 am!!! Her Mom thought she was a devil dog, but Jake loved her. It was a long wait for their Mom until Piper could come to daycare to help get all that energy out. Now they both love daycare and get to be crazies together while they are here. When they get home, they go strait to sleep. Piper’s favorite sleeping spot is in the bathtub. She scratches it like she is “fluffing” it up before she lays down. Jake sleeps on softer stuff next to the bathtub.

Jake loves Blue Buffalo Peanut Butter Cookies and Piper is most fond of Vitabones. They are not known to turn down other treats though and are always happy to try new things. Jake loves to have his ears rubbed when he is relaxing, and since her spay when she was shaved Piper has developed a liking for her Belly being rubbed. They both have their favorite toys as well. Jake loves his old Kong Tennis Ball, and Piper loves her Mega Kong Wubba. They don’t really have any special tricks yet. They are still working hard on those!! Jake and Piper are everything to their Mom. She adores them and her life is centered on their Happiness. There could not be two luckier dogs. Jake and Piper are not only loved by their Mom, but her whole family loves them and think of them as part of the family too. We are all happy here at Ruffledale to get to be a part of their happy lives! ♥♥Jaker McJake and Pipey McPipe ♥♥

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Upcoming Dog Event!

Strut Your Mutt
No More Homeless Pets In Utah
Ruffledale is very excited for this years Strut your Mutt. This is a one mile leisurely walk that dogs are invited too.  All of the money benefits The No More Homeless Pets in Utah organization. It is a great cause, tons of fun and a great opportunity to get your pup out and about!  It is being held at a new location; Veterans Memorial Park in West Jordan on Saturday May 22nd. Ruffledale will have a booth and we would Love to see some of our favorite pooches there doing the walk.  Please check out their website for more information and to register for the walk. We hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Break 2010!!

We were it hit with "Spring Fever" and the Spring Break Holiday! Unfortunately, we were hit with snow and rain too! The dogs didn't seem to mind, actually many of them were super excited to awake to snow, fun cold white stuff to roll in and eat, who could ask for anything more.

We had an awesome spring break and a great time getting to know all the new pups that came and vacationed with us. It was awesome to have so many pups join the pack for a week!

Here are some of the pics!!!!

Bear trying to get Stetson to play with him! Crazy girls, you look viscous!!!

Sheeba taking a nap, her favorite spot!

Roscoe getting his lion cut!!

Little Bear and Nyla!

Pretty KoKo, smiling for the camera!

Ashta and Sakota, being crazy puppies!

Mocha at the end of the day, waiting for Mom and Dad!

Naughty Penny and Tracer, Digging through the trash looking for YumYums!

Cute furry Dash, having fun with his favorite puppy friends, Callie and Piper!!

The puppies take a nap, so exhausted from so much fun!

Shiloh waiting for Mommy after a hard day of play!
Penny smiling for the camera!

Bruin, Looking for someone to play with, the happiest shepherd ever!

Stetson, AKA "Big Love," He does sleep, although rarely!!!

Juno and Sitka, taking a break from the pack, Laying under the fan!!!

Little partners in crime, Looking for trouble!!

Stetson stealing kisses from KoKo!

Sweet Buddy!!
Shiloh and Ollie having fun!!!

Pretty Dante, checking out the camera!

Hanging outside, to catch the sunlight we had!!!
Bruin and Luke!!

Luke, happy boy!!

Sleepy Ollie!!

Little Lola, trying to wake Callie!
She succeeded!!!

Nap Time!!!