Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cute Pics

I can't imagine doing anything else when I think of my job. I remember when I wanted to open Ruffledale, and people telling me I was crazy. I am so glad that I did not listen to them and I went forth with my dream.
Sometimes I sit around and think how wonderful my job is.. and I hope that there are many people out there that get to do what they love. I am just so lucky to really enjoy my work so much.

Here are so cute pics of the dogs taken during a normal day at Ruffledale, I just want you to all share in the fun.......

Ymmmm... Abby loves dinner time.

Crazy puppies.. Harley and Barley!

Is this couch big enough for the both of us?

Who is here???

Sleepy Time!

Look how cute!

The new guy, Mr. Soldier

Gracie girl, in her favorite spot, The Table...

Max and Harry, Getting away with hanging out on the tables, anything goes at Ruffledale..


Rosie helped booger out of his costume, she wanted to try on his hat. Brooke dressed up with a neck piece.

Molly wore a cute T

Little Osi was also a beatiful butterfly..and Packer Ru was a skelton..

Darko, our little jail bird.

Dakota was a pirate.. you can see in the face shot she pouted most of the day, she hates to dress up...

Miss Kenna Lynn was cute butterfly, she didn't mind the shawl, but the headpiece lasted for about 2 seconds..

Booger was a "Pimp Daddy"

Mr. Leo was the devil... he played the part very well.