Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Tribute to Naughty Dogs!!!

So today I was just hanging out at home, I came wandering down the stairs to find my 8 year old lab on top of my counter. Which is about waist level to me. She is a average size lab, she weighs about 56 pounds, so you can imagine my surprise to see her just hanging out up there. Luckily I had my phone in my hand, so I hurried and snapped a shot of her up there, so I could prove it to all the disbelievers. Which there will be some, because at daycare everyone talks about how well behaved and sweet my Dakota is, but really she is super naughty, and really always has been. The thing that makes me laugh is I have another lab named Kenna. She is the well behaved one at home, but at daycare she is super naughty. So all the girls at work think that I am crazy when I tell them how naughty Dakota is. Now I have evidence to prove it.

The picture is not the best quality, but if you look close she is casually standing there drinking my two year olds sippy cup.
So after laughing at all the naughty things that puppies and dogs do, I decided that November and December should be a "Tribute" to all of our naughty dogs. If they were perfect how much fun could that possibly be.

Please everyone that is reading this and laughing thinking of all their pups, please e-mail your pics and stories to so we can post them. THANK YOU TeAnna

So to kick things off, I must post a picture of Ashley's Wedding cake. Ashley was one of our employees at Ruffledale, this summer she was married. She of course wanted all of the family dogs involved in the wedding process, they even were invited to her ceremony out of state. After realizing that bringing all the dogs along might not be that practical (all four range in size from about 40lbs to 140lbs). They decided that they would leave them home, but they were involved in the reception at home.

This is a picture of Ashley's wedding cake after Charlie(the families 140lb great dane mix) decided to try it out before all the guests got to.

CHARLIE (the taste tester!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Pics 2009!!!

It's Halloween time again... and of course we have our annual Halloween Costume Party! As I was getting all of my children's costumes ready (one skin baby and 2 Fur Babies,) about a month before Halloween, I would dress each one up and take pics on my phone. I had to make sure the costumes fit and looked cute.. Then I would text message them to the people I think care as much as I do about my costumes, that I have searched for, mostly ending up on Ebay of course paying much more than they are worth, but well worth it.

With a big smile on my face my costumes are ready and complete and just waiting for Halloween!! That's when I get a text message from my Mom, asking me if the poor dogs think I am a "nut case." I laugh, realizing that eight years running I have dressed up my beloved Lab Dakota, and never has she made a peep, she happily plays along, no matter how she really feels, she trots along showing off her costume, just to please her "crazy" human Mommy. Then I think about my little boy and how at only two getting him to stay in his costume is a large chore. That is why having a dog(s) around is what everyone needs. When everyone around is asking so much of you, your dog is there to love you unconditionally no matter your "nuttyness."

Here are some pics from this years Halloween party!! We had a blast, even if the dogs were wondering what was going on, so many items hanging off of each other to chase around and eat, but all in all it was a success.

Thank You for all that participated, we love you and appreciate your business!!!

Baby, In her Pumpkin suit, one of our foster girls!
KiKi in her Bee suit, our other foster girl!

Packer in his Shark suit!

Dakota in her Cheerleading costume, and Kenna was the K-9 cop this year.

Bubba as this years Hot Dog!!

Charlie horse was the horse, for the headless horseman, and he loves to give Jodie kisses, at eye level of course!!

Not only was Packer dressed up as a Shark, he also pretended to be one, chasing Sophia around in her Lion Costume..
It's hard to tell what these girls are dressed up as, but they are dressed up as each other, each one sporting the other ones collar... tricky

Pax is dressed up as a "Bad Ass!"

Booger is Dracula, see the scary teeth!!

Darko is dressed up like Devin, (inside joke) His owner!!

Buster, for some reason his photo is flipped, but he was the most polite Mailman we have ever had!!

And last, but of course not least, Heidi dressed up as a squirl!!

Dog of the Month for November SOLDIER!!

About Soldier;

Soldier is a wild and crazy German Shepherd Dog. He was born on October 15th 2007. He just celebrated his 2nd Birthday!! He has sure grown up since his first visit to Ruffledale when he was barely a year old. Soldier’s favorite days are days that he gets to come play with all of his friends here at Ruffledale (dog’s and people). When he gets here we each get a very energetic greeting from a very excited Soldier. Soldier loves to be outside and spends a lot of his day here at Ruffledale getting his friends to chase him outside so they can play out there. He also likes to take things from the people at Ruffledale and get them to chase him outside too!! He loves to be the center of attention while he is here and being chased is his favorite way to spend the day!

Soldier loves to play Soccer. He guides the Soccer ball with his front legs and nose. The Soccer Ball is his favorite toy. Soldier loves to be around everyone. Soldier especially loves Children. He is always very gentle with them, even though he is big and energetic! Although Soldier pretty much loves all people and dogs, he is not very fond of going to the Vet. He could definitely do without those visits. He especially doesn’t appreciate when he needs ANY kind of Ear Treatment.....those are Soldier’s personal torture! But if you just give him a little scratch on his neck or right above his tail he will forget all about the mean Ear stuff!

Soldier came from the mountains in Colorado. His new Dad picked him up and drove him home. His new Dad picked him out of all of the other Puppies because he was the only one who wasn’t scared of his big scary dog Dad. (Even his new human Dad was respectful of his Dog Dad!) All of the puppies were nervous about their Dad, but Soldier trotted right up to him and licked his face!! His new human Dad figured that a confident puppy would be more people friendly and wouldn’t “fear-bite.” Soldier’s confidence has definitely worked out in that way. He loves everyone and is completely sure that everyone loves him too!!! In the hotel on the drive home he got to sleep on his new human Dad’s bed in his little blue crate. Now that he is older he sleeps in his crate right in the bedroom. He never once cried in his crate when he was a baby and slept all through the night. The only scary thing for Soldier in his new home was learning how to use the stairs. He needed to use the wall to help him keep his balance while bravely went down the stairs one at a time! Soldier has now mastered going up and down the stairs.