Saturday, December 12, 2009

Naughty DOG's

These are some of the pictures we were sent when we went looking for "Naughty Dogs."  I heard a lot of stories, but most people don't grab their camera and take pictures of their dogs mess.  Here are two of my favorite..

The first is a black lab named Guinness.  Guinness was being puppy sat by his Grandma, she decided to run upstairs for a quick 20 minute shower.  When she returned she saw Guinness had turned her laundry room into a fun puppy painting center.  He tore open a huge bag of flour and found some fruit punch gatorade bottles to chew up and paint her a wonderful "paw painting" throughout the room.   

He sat there so good to have his picture taken, so proud of his artistic work.  How could you possibly get mad at that beautiful puppy face!!!

The next culprit is this sweet boy named Pax, for such a little boy he sure knows how to make a big boy mess.  When his owner (Natalie) leaves little Pax home alone to long, he decides to teach her a lesson.  This is only one of the messes he has made for her.  

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Tribute to Naughty Dogs!!!

So today I was just hanging out at home, I came wandering down the stairs to find my 8 year old lab on top of my counter. Which is about waist level to me. She is a average size lab, she weighs about 56 pounds, so you can imagine my surprise to see her just hanging out up there. Luckily I had my phone in my hand, so I hurried and snapped a shot of her up there, so I could prove it to all the disbelievers. Which there will be some, because at daycare everyone talks about how well behaved and sweet my Dakota is, but really she is super naughty, and really always has been. The thing that makes me laugh is I have another lab named Kenna. She is the well behaved one at home, but at daycare she is super naughty. So all the girls at work think that I am crazy when I tell them how naughty Dakota is. Now I have evidence to prove it.

The picture is not the best quality, but if you look close she is casually standing there drinking my two year olds sippy cup.
So after laughing at all the naughty things that puppies and dogs do, I decided that November and December should be a "Tribute" to all of our naughty dogs. If they were perfect how much fun could that possibly be.

Please everyone that is reading this and laughing thinking of all their pups, please e-mail your pics and stories to so we can post them. THANK YOU TeAnna

So to kick things off, I must post a picture of Ashley's Wedding cake. Ashley was one of our employees at Ruffledale, this summer she was married. She of course wanted all of the family dogs involved in the wedding process, they even were invited to her ceremony out of state. After realizing that bringing all the dogs along might not be that practical (all four range in size from about 40lbs to 140lbs). They decided that they would leave them home, but they were involved in the reception at home.

This is a picture of Ashley's wedding cake after Charlie(the families 140lb great dane mix) decided to try it out before all the guests got to.

CHARLIE (the taste tester!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Pics 2009!!!

It's Halloween time again... and of course we have our annual Halloween Costume Party! As I was getting all of my children's costumes ready (one skin baby and 2 Fur Babies,) about a month before Halloween, I would dress each one up and take pics on my phone. I had to make sure the costumes fit and looked cute.. Then I would text message them to the people I think care as much as I do about my costumes, that I have searched for, mostly ending up on Ebay of course paying much more than they are worth, but well worth it.

With a big smile on my face my costumes are ready and complete and just waiting for Halloween!! That's when I get a text message from my Mom, asking me if the poor dogs think I am a "nut case." I laugh, realizing that eight years running I have dressed up my beloved Lab Dakota, and never has she made a peep, she happily plays along, no matter how she really feels, she trots along showing off her costume, just to please her "crazy" human Mommy. Then I think about my little boy and how at only two getting him to stay in his costume is a large chore. That is why having a dog(s) around is what everyone needs. When everyone around is asking so much of you, your dog is there to love you unconditionally no matter your "nuttyness."

Here are some pics from this years Halloween party!! We had a blast, even if the dogs were wondering what was going on, so many items hanging off of each other to chase around and eat, but all in all it was a success.

Thank You for all that participated, we love you and appreciate your business!!!

Baby, In her Pumpkin suit, one of our foster girls!
KiKi in her Bee suit, our other foster girl!

Packer in his Shark suit!

Dakota in her Cheerleading costume, and Kenna was the K-9 cop this year.

Bubba as this years Hot Dog!!

Charlie horse was the horse, for the headless horseman, and he loves to give Jodie kisses, at eye level of course!!

Not only was Packer dressed up as a Shark, he also pretended to be one, chasing Sophia around in her Lion Costume..
It's hard to tell what these girls are dressed up as, but they are dressed up as each other, each one sporting the other ones collar... tricky

Pax is dressed up as a "Bad Ass!"

Booger is Dracula, see the scary teeth!!

Darko is dressed up like Devin, (inside joke) His owner!!

Buster, for some reason his photo is flipped, but he was the most polite Mailman we have ever had!!

And last, but of course not least, Heidi dressed up as a squirl!!

Dog of the Month for November SOLDIER!!

About Soldier;

Soldier is a wild and crazy German Shepherd Dog. He was born on October 15th 2007. He just celebrated his 2nd Birthday!! He has sure grown up since his first visit to Ruffledale when he was barely a year old. Soldier’s favorite days are days that he gets to come play with all of his friends here at Ruffledale (dog’s and people). When he gets here we each get a very energetic greeting from a very excited Soldier. Soldier loves to be outside and spends a lot of his day here at Ruffledale getting his friends to chase him outside so they can play out there. He also likes to take things from the people at Ruffledale and get them to chase him outside too!! He loves to be the center of attention while he is here and being chased is his favorite way to spend the day!

Soldier loves to play Soccer. He guides the Soccer ball with his front legs and nose. The Soccer Ball is his favorite toy. Soldier loves to be around everyone. Soldier especially loves Children. He is always very gentle with them, even though he is big and energetic! Although Soldier pretty much loves all people and dogs, he is not very fond of going to the Vet. He could definitely do without those visits. He especially doesn’t appreciate when he needs ANY kind of Ear Treatment.....those are Soldier’s personal torture! But if you just give him a little scratch on his neck or right above his tail he will forget all about the mean Ear stuff!

Soldier came from the mountains in Colorado. His new Dad picked him up and drove him home. His new Dad picked him out of all of the other Puppies because he was the only one who wasn’t scared of his big scary dog Dad. (Even his new human Dad was respectful of his Dog Dad!) All of the puppies were nervous about their Dad, but Soldier trotted right up to him and licked his face!! His new human Dad figured that a confident puppy would be more people friendly and wouldn’t “fear-bite.” Soldier’s confidence has definitely worked out in that way. He loves everyone and is completely sure that everyone loves him too!!! In the hotel on the drive home he got to sleep on his new human Dad’s bed in his little blue crate. Now that he is older he sleeps in his crate right in the bedroom. He never once cried in his crate when he was a baby and slept all through the night. The only scary thing for Soldier in his new home was learning how to use the stairs. He needed to use the wall to help him keep his balance while bravely went down the stairs one at a time! Soldier has now mastered going up and down the stairs.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Doggie Swim Day!

We took our pups to the doggie swim day at the Bountiful Recreation Center. They had a blast and they ALL suprised us by being very well behaved. It was the first annual event and we are praying that they decide the chaos was worth it and hold the event again!!!


About Brandy and Bozley:

Brandy and Bozley are two very special mixed breed pooches. Bozley is a Standard Schnauzer mix and Brandy is a Terrier mix.  They both love each other and are a silly and sweet pair. We have known them here at Ruffledale for a long time. They’ve been around since early 2005! We always love seeing them and spending the day with them.  They like to chew on each other while they are here, and Brandy likes to pull poor Bozley around by his collar!  They love to eat human food treats such as Steak, Fish or Chicken.  Mmmm, that is the ideal doggie treat!

Brandy and Bozley love to go up to their parents cabin. They get to hike all day and have steak leftovers for dinner....Yum! Although they both love the cabin, Bozley is not very fond of hiking in the snow. One time his parents took him out in the snow, and he only got about 100 feet and he hightailed it back to the cabin where he knew he was safe and warm...Much better way to spend his afternoon.  Bozley and Brandy came to live with their parents at different times. Bozley was being Fostered in Millville and was excited to smell everything in his new home.  He went from room to room checking everything out. When Brandy came along, Bozley was a little shy and timid getting to know her. Brandy was delivered in the back of a pickup truck from Vernal.  It didn’t take them long though before they became inseparable buddies.  

One of Brandy’s naughtiest tricks is climbing the fence. Bozley’s best trick is “handshake.” They both love to be petted and rubbed. Bozley’s favorite spots are his belly and eyes. He will keep you there all day rubbing his belly if he can. Brandy will actually move your hand to where she wants to be rubbed. She also loves to sit on your lap and “hug” you while she is there. When they are at Ruffledale Brandy has to meet and say Hi to everyone who comes in. Bozley is a little more shy and takes a minute to get to know people. But once he knows you he will wag his little stubby tail and his whole bum will wag around with it!  

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Howl-oween!!

Ruffledale Doggy Costume Party!

Bring your dog to daycare on Friday October 30th and/or Saturday October 31st in costume!

All dogs in Halloween costume or accessories will go home with a yummy “Treat.”

We will do our best to keep the costumes in the best shape we can.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


About Freckles.....

Freckles is a Tri-Colored Walker Hound who loves to play! She loves to come to daycare and is a regular attendee. Her estimated birthday is Feb 16, 2007. That makes her about two and a half years old. She still has the energy and personality of a puppy. Freckles is a rescue dog. Her Mom adopted her from the shelter. When she came to live with her new Mom she was very skinny and docile. All of the neighborhood kids came over to see her. It only took Freckles a week in her new home to perk up and become the wild and active Freckles that we know today! She is great with kids and thinks that she is one of their pack. Freckles Mom’s granddaughter loves to come over and give Freckles “Tummy Time” which consists of lots of tummy rubbing and scratching. Freckles also enjoys entertaining the other grandchildren by jumping over step stools.

Freckles loves to help her Mom garden. It is her favorite thing to do when they both go out together and dig. She feels like she is helping her Mom accomplish all of the things that they need to do. She lives to be outside and hangs around the door to get outside to the yard. Freckles does not particularly enjoy cats and is not nearly as friendly with them as she is with all of her dog friends at Ruffledale. Freckles loves to eat. If it were up to her she would just eat all the time. It is always great when she gets treats at Ruffledale. “Feeding Time” is probably one of Freckles most favorite times of the day. Mmmmm. However at daycare she only gets dog treats which are not as exciting as some of the yummies she gets at home. Her favorite things to snack on are all fruits and vegetables. At least she is a healthy girl! Her other favorite thing is having some cheese in her Kong. That is good because it takes a little longer to get it all eaten so it will last longer.

Everyone here at Ruffledale has loved getting to know Freckles. She is always so sweet natured with us. She loves hanging out with all of her dog friends. Freckles has a very distinct howl. She talks like a person and the more you get to know her the more it sounds like she is actually talking. Freckles really loves all people. When there are people she can’t get to through the gate, she puts her hands through and tries to grab onto them so they can make friends. But she is always especially excited to see children! Her favorite toy at home is her Mom’s shoes. She would much rather have a shoe that a dog squeak toy.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Freshens the air and reduces up to 99.9% of Bacteria and Mold on the surfaces in the place it is installed. Also it reduces 90% of Airborne Bacteria, Viruses and germs.

We installed the Air Scrubber in July of this Year. They have not had a lot of use in pet facilities but we thought it would be worth a try to see if it would reduce our likelihood of diseases. Since we have installed the Air Scrubber we have noticed a drop in the number of kennel cough cases. We always have a rise in cases during the summer months, and this year we saw the least cases of any year so far.

If you have any questions please call us, we look forward to giving your pets the best care that we can. We are excited that the Air Scrubber has rose to meet our expectations to give your pet a healthy and clean environment. Thanks Ruffledale

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our New Foster Dog, BUSTER!

(Pictures of Buster soon!)
We currently have two foster dogs at Ruffledale right now.  The funny thing about them is they came from different situations but they look like brother and sister.  
I am writing this because I believe it is a story that should be heard, for animal cruelty awareness.  Unfortunately not all our beloved pets have great stories.  So I would like to tell Buster's story for awareness and because he is so sweet and deserves to be loved as much as he loves you.
Buster is a six year old lab mix, we think he could be mixed with border collie.  He is super lovable and loves to be with people and other dogs.  He finally is warming up to his enviroment here at Ruffledale and is meshing quite well with the others.  
I received a phone call from a friend that she had heard about a dog in her friend's neighborhood that had been abandon.  The family had lost(foreclosed) on their house and had packed everything up and left.  Unfortunately they decided to leave their beloved dog Buster behind, tied to a tree.  Buster watched his family drive away, kids and belongings and was left with only a small amount of food and water.   
When my friend went and picked up Buster he was very sad, severely dehydrated and hungry.  They took him and let him recover at their home over the weekend.  When I was called I told them that of course we would let him live here at Ruffledale.  
Now we need to find Buster a new home.  Someone who will love him and if a crisis did strike their family that they would take in consideration Busters life too.  We promised him that we would love and take care of him until we could find someone to do the same.

If you would like more information on Buster or know someone who would please call us.  Thank You, TeAnna

Thursday, August 6, 2009


About Buddha:

Buddha is a very fun-loving “Giant” Pomeranian! He is always the life of the party when he is here at Ruffledale. He is getting ready to turn four on November 8th of this year. Buddha loves all people and dogs. Kids are his favorite, and he will stop anything he is doing to see a little boy or girl. He is always friendly with everyone. Buddha loves to “talk” but never in a mean way! Buddha loves his stuffed toys, but his favorites are his “lamb,” “baby,” and his “monkey.” Although Buddha loves to play with other dogs in person, one of his biggest pet-peeves is dogs barking on the TV. He must be confused where they are and how he can get to them. Besides dogs on TV, Buddha loves to watch TV. He will stare intently for hours if it is a show he likes! He also hates to see horses being brushed, and gets upset. Maybe because with all of his long hair he understands that brushing is no fun!

One of Buddha’s favorite times was a road trip he took with his Mom to Arizona. He loved watching out the window during the entire drive just taking in all the new sights. He loved the way the landscape changed and all of the new things he could see. It was also very important for Buddha to protect his car during this trip, especially from the strange Joshua Tree’s. He would bark at those if they got too close! Buddha didn’t always love driving in the car. On his first day home he was really scared when he had to get in the car. He cried the whole way home and had an accident in the car because he was so scared. Now Buddha knows that the car takes him fun places like Ruffledale, Arizona, and to drive through windows that have ice cream cones! Mmmm Those are Buddha’s favorite treat besides Cheese. But really Buddha will eat “anything.”

Buddha loves coming to daycare. He has been a regular here at Ruffledale for years. We all have loved watching him grow up. Buddha usually prefers to play with the big dogs rather than the small ones who are his own size. Sometimes at closing time Buddha isn’t ready to go home and we will have to catch him to send him home. He runs right in without any hesitation no matter how many dogs are at the gate greeting him. He does get a little jealous though if his Mom pets too many other dogs for too long. He will bark and “yell” at her to stop! Not only does Buddha love dogs, but he also loves his cat at home. He is very nice to the kitty and likes to share food!

Monday, July 27, 2009

PETS of the Month for JULY, BAILEY AND TESSA!!

About Bailey and Tessa:

Bailey and Tessa are two very sweet and outgoing German Shepherds. They love each other so much. They are rarely not together. Bailey was born on November 11th 2006. She was brought home as a tiny puppy and brought to Ruffledale not too long after that. Bailey was instantly a favorite. She was the cutest Pup. Her ears were still silly and floppy. Bailey got lots of visitors at home too because everyone was so excited for a little puppy. She picked out her family and was of course the “Pick of the Litter” which translates to “more money.” But her family couldn’t resist....they already loved her. Bailey was a little lonely and needed a friend, so her family decided to rescue another Shepherd. They found Tessa on a website and had her home quickly after that. Tessa is guessed to be about 5 years old, but since she is adopted we don’t know an exact birthday. After Tessa was bathed and given a new collar and taught some new manners, she fit in with her family wonderfully, Her and Tessa quickly became best friends.

Bailey and Tessa absolutely LOVE Pepperoni. They like the circle ones that go on pizza. Mmmmm Yum. Bailey and Tessa know a special hand command from their parents that tells them to lay down without any words being said. Tessa can also ‘shake’ and ‘roll over’. Bailey Finally just learned ‘shake’ after lots of work from her family. Bailey and Tessa love to come to daycare at Ruffledale. Their parents can’t say “daycare” or they will go crazy at the door all ready to go. They know that they have to sit in a special spot by the door before they get to go, but once they are free they run as fast as they can to the car so they can go. At Ruffledale their favorite person is Kathie the groomer. They are so so so happy when she takes her breaks with them out in the backyard. Bailey and Tessa try to block all the other dogs from getting too much attention from their “special person.”

Bailey loves to chase the laser pointer. She could go for hours without stopping if her family would let her. Her family has nicknamed her “Remote Contol dog” because she loves chasing it so much!!! Tessa is not so fond of Bailey’s laser chasing. She has been nicknamed “Our Ninny” because she does everything she can to make Bailey calm down. Bailey and Tessa love to go on walks and have special backpacks that carry their water for them. Bailey doesn’t love the backpack, but she knows she gets a walk, so she will give in and wear the backpack. But she gets so tired that she has to be carried home by the end of her walk. Tessa loves the walk and the backpack. Bailey and Tessa’s family refer to them as their “Fur Babies” in contrast to their other children who are “Skin Babies!!”

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pet of the Month for JUNE.... GRACIE!

Gracie is a regular here at Ruffledale. She loves to come for daycare. She is well known by our clients as the dog on the coffee table! Her favorite place to be is standing, napping or playing on our coffee table. She is a beautiful Golden Retriever. Gracie just celebrated her 8th Birthday in May. Gracie has been a doggy daycare regular since February of 2005......that's just four months after we opened our doors! We have all loved seeing Gracie every week. Gracie's best trick is "shaking hands" on command. She loves her stuffed white tiger and chewing on Bacon Flavored Rawhides...Mmmmmm!!! What could be better?????

Gracie loves being scratched behind her ears and she will be your best friend forever if you start scratching. The rougher the better!!! Gracie is such a social little girl. She has never met a human or another dog that she doesn't need to meet and say Hi too. She loves everyone who comes into daycare, both human and canine! Although she loves everyone, her favorite friend is a new dog here at daycare; A German Shepherd named Buster McGee. The girls at Ruffledale think him and Gracie are more of boyfriend and girlfriend than just friends! Gracie's ideal day would consist of a long day at Ruffledale playing and socializing with all the people and doggy friends. Then a quick trip home to take a long recovery nap.

Gracie's first day home was a little confusing for her. She decided it would be best to sleep and nap all day. Then she was awake to entertain her new master all night long. Thankfully Gracie has adjusted to daytime activity and nightime sleeping. Gracie and a very fun winter Cross Country Skiing with her Mom and Dad. She got to go leash free which was great because she was able to wander free to check out all of the interesting smells and things on the trails. Gracie's biggest Pet Peeves is Cats. She just doesn't understand them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009